Resources: Genetic Epilepsy Family Conferences

Here are links to the recorded lectures from previous conferences:

2019 Conference Videos

Invited Lectures

Professor Daniel Lowenstein: Living with Epilepsy: Finding the Balance Between Reality and Hope
Professor Ingrid Scheffer: Natural History Studies of the Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies: The What, Why and How
Assoc Prof Annapurna Poduri: Individualised Treatments for Epilepsy – Following the Genes
Professor Steven Petrou: The Importance of Disease Mechanism in Therapy: Lessons from SCN1A
Dr Emma Palmer: Making Sense of Rare Genetic Diagnoses: Working with Families to Inform and Support
Dr Katherine Howell: Genetic Diagnosis: Will it Change my Child’s Current Treatment?
Sara James and Panel: Panel discussion with all the speakers

5 Minutes With

Danny Williams: A Dad’s Perspective
Kelly Clohessy: The Impact on Siblings
Dr Nelson Olivier: Praxis Precision Medicines’ Vision for Rare Genetic Epilepsies
Sarah Crawford: Life as a Parent of a Child with Refractory Epilepsy, Surivial Tips for the Chaotic Life
Dannielle Goodwin: A Dravet Patient’s Perspective
Heather Renton: Syndromes Without a Name (SWAN)


2018 Conference Videos

Invited Lectures

Assoc Prof Annapurna Poduri: Precision Medicine for Genetic Epilepsy – Small Steps Toward a Big Vision
Professor Ingrid Scheffer: New Discoveries in Epilepsy Genetics Transform Clinical Care
Dr Snezana Maljevic: Brain in a Dish: Modelling Epileptic Encephalopathy Using Human Stem Cells
Professor Gavin Rumbaugh: Development of Targeted Therapies for Genetically-Defined Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Professor Steven Petrou: Therapeutic Approaches in Neurogenetic Disease
Professor Glenn King: How Can Venomous Animals Help us Understand and Treat Genetic Epilepsies?
Sara James and Panel: Panel discussion with all the speakers

5 Minutes With

Scotty Sims: Secretary and Co-Founder KDNQ2 Cure Alliance
Claire Audibert-Legué: KCNQ2 Parent
Monica Weldon: President and Founder Bridge the Gap
Kimberly Hoffman: Dravet Sibling
Will Pierce: SCN2a Champion


2017 Conference Audio Recordings

Panel Discussion: Communication and Behaviour
Dr Giselle Withers: Mindfulness Meditation Exercise
Laura Green: Disability Funding – Navigating Systems
Panel Discussion: Expand Your Horizons
Cathy Love: Becoming Chief