Resources: Family Conference – 27th May 2017

Here is where you’ll find audio recordings of all the sessions from the conference.

Communication & Behaviour: Panel Discussion

Children with genetic epilepsy often have developmental problems, and with that can come challenges with communication and behaviour. This panel discussion features a psychologist (Sue Hymus), paediatrician (Dr Tristan Pawsey) and speech therapist (Stacy Cohen).

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise: Dr Giselle Withers

Mindfulness can be a helpful way for parents and carers to manage stress and energy levels. This mindfulness meditation exercise runs for 15 minutes and focusses on sitting with the breath. If you’re interested in learning more about mindfulness check out A Mindful Way.

Disability Funding – Navigating Systems: Laura Green

It can be hard to navigate the multiple systems of disability support and funding. As funding transitions to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) it’s important to stay clear on what will best suit your family.

Expand Your Horizons – Panel Discussion

In addition to speech, physiotherapy, what other things can be helpful for children with genetic epilepsy? A panel consisting of dance and drama teachers, a psychologist, riding trainer and occupational therapist talk about options.

Becoming Chief: Cathy Love

Cathy Love, occupational therapist, author and coach talks about becoming the leader of your special needs team.

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