Genetic Epilepsy Team Australia (GETA) is a group of parents whose children have rare genetic epilepsy. Our children have different kinds of epilepsy, but there’s so much we share.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with world leaders in the field of genetic epilepsy. Our goal is to support the ground-breaking research that happens right here in Australia and New Zealand — from stem cells to mouse models to biotech and beyond.

We want to make life better for people living with rare epilepsy.  We want our kids to have better treatments, as soon as possible. We want them to have a better quality of life right now.

Genetic Epilepsy Team Australia’s mission is to help world-leading Australian researchers cure genetic epilepsy. As part of this mission Genetic Epilepsy Team Australia aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the many forms of genetic epilepsy
  • Promote Australia’s world-leading research position in the discovery and treatment of genetic epilepsy
  • Raise funds for research into cures and therapies for genetic epilepsy through the foundation of a precision medicine centre in Melbourne

Genetic Epilepsy Team Australia works alongside leading health researchers and with families and children with genetic epilepsy towards their mission of establishing a precision medicine centre in Melbourne to develop treatments for genetic epilepsy.

GETA:  GET A Team, GET A Target, GET A Cure