Australia is the global leader in the field of genetic epilepsy discovery. Australian researchers were the first in the world to show that epilepsy can be caused by genetic factors – whether through random mutations or inherited characteristics. In fact, until the ground-breaking work of Victorians Prof. Sam Berkovic and Prof. Ingrid Scheffer last decade, it was widely believed that epilepsy could not be caused by genetic factors. Since then, Australian researchers have discovered the bulk of the 100+ (so far) genetic causes of epilepsy.

As well as being leaders in the field of discovery, Australian researchers are also at the forefront of the search for treatments and cures for genetic epilepsy, with ground breaking work underway at places such as the Florey Institute in Melbourne.

Genetic epilepsies often have devastating effects on the quality of life – and even the length of life – for those born with them. Particular genetic mutations are, by their nature, often random and frequently rare. As a result, some genetic epilepsies occur in very small numbers in a population as relatively small as Australia’s. However, there are many thousands of Australians who have some form of genetic epilepsy.

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